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Travel and leisure

Confidence Group offers a full range of services in the organization of individual and group trips. 

Individual tours (FIT) 

Nowadays, more and more people intend to travel individually, feel free organizing their trip, and totally keep under control the time. Flights, transfers, accommodation in the desired category, excursions and entertainment - the whole program is formed according to the wishes and possibilities of a particular traveler. Our travel specialists make up the individual tourist programs within one country, as well as in several countries, including:

  • standard options, consisting only of flight and hotel booked;
  • sightseeing tours;
  • tours related to events tourism: festivals and carnivals, concerts, fashion shows, various sports activities;
  • weekend tours;
  • beach FIT - style programs;
  • exotic routes;
  • SPA tours, medical tours;
  • cruise routes.

Package (group) tours

Group tour is a complete package of services that we purchase from the tour operator, in most cases, by special price offers. The package usually includes flight, accommodation, meals, insurance, transfers, visa, and excursions.

This tour allows you to get more attractive price because the price of each of the components of the package is lower than one purchased separately from direct suppliers. However, getting such a tour, the client agrees with certain restrictions in advance, such as the inability to exclude certain components of the package, a charter flight, long-group transfer, but the price is rather good.

Combined tours

This is the option for those who do not want to overpay for the individual route. For example, you are satisfied with a group tour, but you wish to add or change a few "highlights", which are not always possible to get by the tour operators. 

Specific services:

  • We book for you hotel in Russia or abroad.
  • We arrange individual tours or joining group tours, if they exist in the selected route or town.
  • We are able to arrange direct (on-line), air and rail / train tickets.
  • We are able to buy for you tickets to the opera or to the match of your favorite team, the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, etc.
  • We book for you car in rent abroad, as we have direct contracts with many rent car companies.

Certification program

As part of the incentive programs, many companies acquire tours certificates for its employees. The certificate is a means of payment to the bearer and can be exchanged for travel services in the Confidence Group. As it is equivalent to the value of money, the journey emphasizes the status of the grantor, as well as the respect for the partner, it combines the capabilities of all of the above services. The certificate can also be used as an option to their employees for personal gifts to relatives and friends.

Advantages of working with Confidence Group

  • Our professionals with the experience for over 15 years, are dedicated to minimum of 15 - 20 tourist destinations.
  • We really know what we offer as we personally visited most of the countries we offer to visit.
  • We have direct contracts with major Russian tour operators and partners, including hotels, worldwide.
  • We check booking hotels in order to avoid unforeseen situations when clients arrival.
  • We select the best price based on the criteria of price / quality / most reliable supplier, whether it is a group or an individual route, after comparing with several similar proposals.
  • We are ready to provide the customer with a significant range of additional services (transfers to the airport, meeting-seeing, car rental, tickets, hotels, etc.)
  • We accept payment in any form convenient for the client, including cash and non-cash payments, credit cards.
  • We maintain customer feedback, we are interested in the impressions of the trip. The information helps us to shape future proposals for the client more clearly.
  • We are ready to provide special discounts for loyal customers.
  • We use our own courier service to deliver documents to the client.
  • We have the references of the largest Russian and foreign organizations.