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Special Autumn offers from Confidence Group - 18.09.2017

We are pleased to present new Special Summer offers from Confidence Group

Roundtable discussions on migration issues in Autumn 2017 - 18.09.2017

Confidence Group is pleased to inform you that Autumn 2017 we are continuing to hold a series of roundtable discussions on different migration issues

Correction of the quota for attracting foreign workers in 2017 - 14.09.2017

The Ministry of Labour of Russia has adopted the Order of September 5, 2017 N 656, amending the lists of professions for attracting foreign workers arriving in Russia on the basis of a visa for 2017

The permissible share of foreign workers in certain areas of activity in 2018 is planned to remain unchanged - 12.09.2017

On September 2017, the Russian Ministry of Labor presented a draft resolution of Russian Government providing to leave without change in 2018 the permissible proportion of foreign workers employed by business entities engaged in activity in certain types of economic activities in Russia

Migration checks in Moscow region - 12.09.2017

The Department on migration issues of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow region conducts multiple checks of the presence of notices of  the conclusion (the termination) of employment contracts, as well as notifications of payroll for foreign highly qualified specialist

Technical solutions

Confidence Group implemented the unique internet application World of Confidence.

The aim of the project is full automation of processes between Client, Customer, Applicant, State and Consulate organizations as well as service provider in paperwork, related to foreign citizens entry, stay, work on the territory of the Russia and outbound visa processing.

Services, available within the World of Confidence:

  • invitation letters for entry and stay of foreign citizens with the following purposes on the territory of Russia: business, tourism, work, inosotrudnik, family members (for information on invitiation letters processing please visit Invitation Letter);
  • company’s annual quoting on foreign labor hire;
  • information within Centers for Employment;
  • obtaining company's foreign labor hire permits;
  • obtaining individual work permits for: individuals, Highly Qualified Specialists and specialists within international agreements on temporary employment;
  • notification of Russian state organizations on migration registration, hire and dismissal;
  • obtaining/extension of work visas with the following purposes: work for hire, inosotrudnik.
  • outbound visa processing for the travelers going to visit foreign states with the following purposes: business, tourism, private visit, medical treatment, work or study.

World of Confidence audience:

  • companies, which require any documents processing within the aboved services;
  • companies with a number of applicants and those, who need arranged system of orders and appropriate services management;
  • companies with a number of offices and branches;
  • companies, which maintain/suppose to maintain detailed expense records;
  • any company's employees, engaged in dealing with foreign citizens and paperwork, related to entry, stay and work on the territory of Russia (including work in the System without Confidence Group support);
  • companies, professionally engaged in appropriate services providing for own customers (including legal entities);
  • persons, who order services and complete appropriate documents for own needs/other applicants by a private treaty.

You can now take the advantages of: 

1. Online calculation of stages, time frames and total costs for paperwork, related to the entry, stay and work of a foreign citizen on the territory of Russia as well as termination of labor relations. 

2. Full access to:
  • information on service details, costs, time frames and required documents;
  • stages, required for legalization of foreign citizen's stay and labor activity;
  • latest news, legislative framework, professional support of lawyer. 
3. Interactive filling of original forms of Russian State organizations and foreign Consulates located on the territory of Russia. 
4. Automatic email notifications on:
  • application status changes;
  • necessity of preparing and scheduled dates of documents submission for the next stage of foreign citizen's legalization (can be filled by Customer);
  • Application currency changes;
  • new messages from Confidence Group consultant.
5. Information and documents storage:
  • generation of company's profiles/using of stored information from the Applicant Journal for filling out the forms of Russian State organizations and foreign Consulates located on territory of Russia;
  • generation of Applicant's profiles/using of stored information from the Applicant Journal for filling out the forms of Russian State organizations and foreign Consulates located on territory of Russia (automatic information update from the last filled Application);
  • storage of documents copies. 

6. Access to the Migration Journal, containing the reports about the necessary stages, scheduled dates of service processing as well as on documents validity for any foreign employee of your company in accordance with his/her citizenship, position and region of work.

7. Applications processing with the following options:
  • ordering and processing of unlimited number of services within a certain United Application;
  • attaching files and documents to the System;
  • creating and sending of a remote link for entering the System and interactive filling of original forms by Applicant;
  • ordering different ways of documents delivery, including DHL courier service
  • choosing of different ways of payment. 
8. Consolidation of all applications in Customer's Application Journal with the following available options:
  • observance of Application's status;
  • communication with Confidence Group consultants in the Messages Jornal of a certain United Application;
  • Application currency changes;
  • observance of service status, paid amount as well as payment status of a certain Application as well as United Application;
  • searching and selection of Applications and services within any Journal criteria.

User's tutorial and video presentation of the internet application is available here.

To obtain full access to the System, please contact Andrey Sprinchan at Email

For correct work of the internet application World of Confidence, please adjust your internet browsers within the following instruction.

World of Confidence is an intellectual property of Confidence Group LLC.